The threat of weak enforcement of sulphur regulations is escalating fast. Responsible industry is taking the initiative to mitigate this threat, serving the best interests of the environment and human health as well as creating a level playing field for business. By speaking with one, united voice we have the greatest chance to bring about change.


Our Mission

The Trident Alliance is a coalition of shipping owners and operators who share a common
interest in robust enforcement of maritime sulphur regulations and are willing to collaborate to
help bring it about. The alliance will also partner with other stakeholder groups, who share
similar interest in robust enforcement, to work towards the same objective.

The strengths and attributes of the different members and partners will be used to drive the
various strategies identified to improve enforcement.

The Trident Alliance logotype harks back to the ancient myth of Poseidon. The three water drops represent the common interest of responsible industry, the environment and human health.