cTech article "Fuel Switching: The Ship Operator’s Perspective"

In more and more regions of the world, ships have to change to low-sulphur fuel before being allowed to sail into Emission Control Areas. But how does one make this switch with a gigantic ship? The procedure is more complicated than you might expect.

Insightful article from Hapag Lloyd on the process of shifting from/to low-sulpur fuel, and on the importance of consistent enforcement of sulphur regulations. 

Wolfram Guntermann, Director Environmental Fleet at Hapag-Lloyd:

“We support regular and rigorous inspections in all Emission Control Areas. That is the only way we will ­really see a positive impact on the environment.” Shipping companies who consistently abide by the laws and regulations fear that there is far less willingness to take action if there are no inspections. After all, there is a lot of money at stake – low sulphur MDO costs almost exactly twice as much as HFO. That is why Hapag-Lloyd has joined the Trident Alliance. 

Read the full article here: http://fathom-ctech.com/news-item/-fuel-switching-the-ship-operators-perspective/29-01-2016/1699/