The status of SECA enforcement - an EMSA view

At a recent conference hosted by ECSA and Transprime in Barcelona, Mr Sergio Alda, Project
Officer, Marine Environment & Port State Control, European Commission, Agency for
Maritime Safety (EMSA) provided an update on the status of sulphur regulation and enforcement. EMSA is the EC body responsible for the actual implementation of Sulphur regulations. 

In his presentation, entitled New Sulphur requirements, best practices and the way ahead, Mr Alda drew a picture of the status so far when it comes to enforcement of sulphur regulations. There are a couple of slides in particular that will stand out to those of us concerned with adequate enforcement of Sulphur regulations. 

2015 inspections vs requirements


The EC requires all governments in the SECA to perform inspections of at least 10% of the vessels visiting its ports. As can be seen in the above graph, there is still some way to go to reach this objective. 

Only 34% of non-compliance cases penalised

Of those cases where carriers were found to have been in violation of the SECA regulations, only 34% have been penalised. 

EMSA clearly see that there is more to be done, and in his final slide Mr Alda outlined the key focus areas ahead. 

Reported by Anna Larsson, Chairman of the Trident Alliance, VP Sustainability for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics