WWL put sulphur regulation enforcement in focus at SIBCON

On October 16, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ Kari Haugen, Bunker Manager, Global Tonnage & Trade, participated in a round table discussion to share how the company looks at the main challenges regarding the upcoming 2015 ECA regulations:

ECA Compliance Roundtable: Reducing Sulphur violations through collaboration.

  • Current challenges in Sulphur compliance
  • Enforcement at PSC
  • Industry view on compliance requirements and audits
  • Evolving inspection regimes – what needs to change?

 Other participants in the panel were: Capt Robert E. Bailey, Chief, Office of Operating and Environmental Standards, U.S. Coast Guard; Arthur Bowring, Managing Director, Hong Kong Shipowners Association; and Meindert C. Vink, Senior Advisor, Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate.

Kari Haugen emphasised the company’s strong commitment to ECA compliance. Compliance costs will be hugely increased as of next year, when all vessels trading in the European and North American ECA has to burn fuel with max 0.10% sulphur.

“However, the main worry as we see it, is that the weak level of enforcement experienced today, combined with the huge increase in compliance costs, could tempt companies to cut corners on compliance.  This will not only reduce the environmental benefits - the whole intention behind the regulations in the first place - but also put the serious and compliant shipping companies at a competitive disadvantage,” Kari Haugen explains.

In order to maintain a level playing field, WWL takes an active role in the work of the Trident Alliance for a strong and transparent enforcement regime, with clear guidelines and universal assessment criteria. Kari Haugen also stressed the importance of authorities focusing their time and resources on deliberate noncompliance, versus minor compliance issues.

WWL is a founding member of the Trident Alliance – where members commit to supporting robust and transparent enforcement of sulphur regulations as well as to comply with them.


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