Robust enforcement of sulphur regulations for the benefit of the environment, human health and responsible businesses.


Costly regulations work best when enforced. A 0.50% global sulphur cap will come into force on January 1, 2020, bringing public benefits but also increases in operating costs. Many questions remain on how and if authorities will enforce the new regulation.  Full and effective enforcement benefits the public, the environment and the industry – that’s why Trident Alliance believes that no other alternative is acceptable.

Watch here for the latest News & Views from Trident Alliance

Watch here for the latest News & Views from Trident Alliance

MPC Container ships and ahrenkiel steamship latest to join trident alliance

With implementation of the IMO’s new low-sulphur fuel regulation just around the corner, industry momentum for The Trident Alliance’s “effective enforcement” mission continues to grow. To date, more than 50 shipping companies have come together to advocate for effective enforcement of the new sulphur fuel scheme.  

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What’s in a name ?

The Trident symbolises the aligned interests of responsible industry, the environment and human health in robust enforcement.

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