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Green and Inclusive Transport - ITF/OECD

  • Leipziger Messe GmbH 1 Messe-Allee Leipzig, SN, 04356 Germany (map)

The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the premier global transport policy event. Since 2008, the Summit brings together ministers from around the world to share policy perspectives with CEOs, heads of international organisations, thought leaders from civil society and academia, and media. 

The Trident Alliance will be represented by Anna Larsson, Chair, who takes part in the session "Innovation for greening maritime transport"

May 18, 16:45 - 18:15
Hall 3, Level +1

Long regarded as a relatively clean transport mode, maritime transport is now under greater scrutiny for its environmental impacts. Whereas ocean shipping produces less CO2 per tonne-kilometre than other transport modes, absolute CO2 emissions are substantial and set to increase considerably over the coming decades. Maritime transport also generates large quantities of other emissions, such as SOx and particulate matter, affecting communities and the environment along coastal areas. Apart from emissions, maritime transport has various other environmental impacts, related to waste, water quality and oil spills.

Technological innovations have played a key role in the regulatory approaches towards greening maritime transport. International conventions have stimulated more energy-efficient ship designs, double hulls to minimize the risk of oil spills and a phased in reduction of the sulphur emissions from ships. Whilst many of these approaches have been successful, the question is what are the innovations that will provide the quantum leap for greener maritime transport?

This session will bring various stakeholders and experts to the table to reflect on key elements to take this debate forward.

  • What are the most promising innovations to make maritime transport greener? 
  • What are effective policy tools to stimulate innovations for greening maritime transport? 
  • How can key stakeholders cooperate to mitigate the environmental impacts of maritime transport?